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Parking problems?

Updated: May 17, 2022

In this instance it was dramatically improved Parking skills!

As a performance coach; improving a clients performance is everything to me.

It is though, not just about sport but also seeing improvement in everyday activities.

For this client, it was about parking, yes parking!

Her parking skills historically have always been her nemesis, it was creating undue frustration and stress as well as time consuming. Costs were escalating due to all the bumps, scratches and inability to park straight thus getting parking fines living in Sydney.

So, our very first session for this year was specifically focused on more one sided vision and vestibular work. The results were immediate!!!

She was so happy with her new found ability to park straight, that the next day she actually sent me some photos of how straight her parking was, there have been a couple of blips, but with further focus on the specific eye and head moves and using a visionary image to further assist with stabilisation of her eyes, the parking has further improved.

When I started learning and using the Z Health practices a few years ago, I NEVER for one moment thought about improving my clients parking!

But interestingly taking to another client of mine; he has recently reported improvements to navigating complex junctions and turns which previously he would have driven a different route to avoid.

This IS performance improvement for everyday tasks that many of us take for granted.

So, if you have issues with parking or know someone that does, it may not be about actual driving skills but more about how the vision and vestibular systems are functioning.

Contact me TODAY to discuss how I may be able to assist you change this and put an end to these frustrations.

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