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Balancing better on beams for longer!

The Benefits of Vision and Vestibular training

I just love receiving emails from my clients especially when they are completing tasks that are none ‘sports’ related because it provides a really good understanding of the additional benefits gained outside the sports environment.

John's email:

“The body is dealing with the decking really well though after a few weeks of it I'm knackered.

Lots of step hurdling over the timber frame and balance work walking across the top of the frame.

Eyes are impressive - working well in judging alignments and measurements and in drilling and cutting things straight.

I’ve been working with John since late 2020 and almost immediately implemented vision & vestibular drills into his training programs to assist with the re-alignment of his posture and assist with greater joint mobility and range. Over the months, these have been tweaked to ensure continuous progress.

This post is to highlight the importance and benefits of working the eyes and vestibular system. The external eye muscles and inner ear system have a massive role to play in everything we do. Training them just like you would any other part of your body can be transformational.

If you’re interested in taking your performance to another level call or email TODAY for more information.

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